Controls and Analytics For Frac Fleet Management

Controls and Analytics

Our AMI Controls & Analytics group offers clients complete end-to-end hydraulic pressure pumping control automation and data management through its FracCommand Suite.

This highly configurable hardware and software control and data management platform can control the entire frac spread from centralized DVCommand software. FracCommand controls are adaptable for the entire fleet, for existing equipment that needs to be upgraded or pre-installed on new equipment to accommodate a step add approach as fleets are upgraded.

The FracCommand Suite excels by using data from across the frac spread that are reliably collected, automated, analyzed, integrated and reported. All hardware controls plug-and-play to the data van (DVCommand) through our proprietary TCP/IP network to provide seamless installation and setup for the frac job.

The platform is a software library that enables integration of existing controls as well as provide plug-and-play setup of FracCommand Suite controls like PumpLink, BlenderLink, ChemLink, HydrationLink that connect automatically to DVCommand.

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  • DVCommand
  • PumpLink
  • BlenderLink
  • ChemLink
  • HydrationLink

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